Desktop Batch Processing

If you have a requirement to screen large numbers of inquiries on a regular basis or a one time batch we provide Desktop Batch to enable screening of thousands of inquiries.

Using Excel macro's that talk securely to the CheckForRisk system you are able to immediately process on your desktop computer multiple searches simultaneously.

You can have your inquiries automatically monitored for new information through our portfolio monitoring process so you only have to enter a search once.

Below is the simple 4 step process to run a batch

Step 1 is paste into the spreadsheet the names you want to run and press the process button


Step 2 Review the results as the come back live from the database. To investigate an inquiry click the "Click here" link next to your inquiry in the investigate column


Step 3 Review your results in CheckForRisk search engine. Just like other search engines click the link to see the originating page.


Step 4 Review the original page and process in your case tracking system as you would any other web based review.


The price for all this functionality starts at $500 a month subscription.

If you need system to system process please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

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